Strange Happenings – Earl of Lonsdale – Notting Hill – London W11

Thank you for your letter of 20th June 2017.
From your letter you appear to think that my grievance is the result of some sort of bar room banter from just one individual.
Not so.
I will elaborate, but please forgive me if I cover some ground that you may already be aware of.
I am not over sensitive to being called names, I have been called worse things, and no doubt will be again.
Plus, when in a state of anger, I have sometimes used much much stronger language, and insults.
But never I might add, in the Lonsdale.
The point of this situation is that it was perfectly deliberate, cold and contrived. Why ?


Sean Bryson’s Cancer Treatment

The six people listed below were all sent this information via Special Delivery on Monday 18th July 2016

Mr Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Ms Victoria Borwick, MP For Kensington & Chelsea, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Dr Helen Neilan, Portobello Medical Centre, 14 Codrington Mews, London W11 2EH
Press Officer, British National Party, PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL
Mr Sadiq Khan – Mayor Of London, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA
Dr Alison Falconer, Clinic 8 – Oncology, Charring Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 8RF

Dear Dr Falconer,

On Monday 9th May 2016 my 15:15pm appointment with you was dealt with by your colleague, Ms Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. My previous appointment with you in late March or early April, was also dealt with by Ms Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. At this previous meeting with Ms Kelly in March/April 2016 we discussed my PSA levels and other issues, and the whole meeting with her had a pleasant, friendly, conversational feel about it.


Taming The Gangs – The Sheffield Solution

Edmund Burke remarked that society should be based on human nature.
In his autobiography “Cloak Without a Dagger” captain Sir Percy Sillitoe gave this insight into human nature ….
“There is only one way to deal with the gangster mentality.
You must show that you are not afraid. If you stand up to them and they realise you mean business they will knuckle under.
The element of beast in man whether it comes from an unhappy and impoverished back ground, or from his own undisciplined lustful appetites, will respond exactly as a wild beast of the jungle responds –
to nothing but greater force and greater firmness of purpose.”


Neighbours With Noisy Dogs in Notting Hill Kensington & Chelsea – RBK&C

We have had an email recently from someone who wishes to remain anonymous for legal reasons, who is suffering the effects of a neighboure who refuses to train their two dogs to stop barking at all hours. Much of this barking is just 10 feet below this persons bedroom window.


Tony Blair – Chilcot & The Murder Of Dr David Kelly

In light of the Chilcot report and the many calls for Tony Blair’s head, Is it not time to reopen the case surrounding the alleged suicide of Dr David Kelly ?


White Lives Matter

Kelvin McKenzie Fomer Editor of the Sun Newspaper
Quote … “News editors should hang their heads in shame”
Quote … “If your a victim of an ethnic minority, there is nowhere to go”
Quote … “The media gives greater prominence to crimes against ethnics than to white victims”


BREXIT The Movie

BREXIT ? There’s a lot more to it than just “Immigration”
Immigration is undoubtedly an issue, but it is certainly not the most important issue. The single biggest issue is the political structure of the EU.