BREXIT ? There’s a lot more to it than just “Immigration”

There is a lot more to BREXIT than immigration alone. The most frightening aspect of the EU is it’s political structure.
Be afraid of the EU. Be VERY afraid.

How our law differs from that of Continental Europe

1. Our Common Law, as far back as 1215 with Magna Carta, states that a citizen can only be judged by his peers (Section 39). These rights protect the individual against arbitrary conviction and imprisonment. Our Common Law recognises several vital rights to the citizen:

The right of Habeas Corpus (that the accused must be taken to a public court within a very short period of time, usually 24 hours, and the accusers must produce their evidence then and there)
The right to Trial by Jury at which jurors can in fact even disregard the law if they think it would give an unjust conviction. The jurors are thus ‘sovereign’
If found innocent, the accused cannot be tried again on the same charge (‘double jeopardy’)
In other words our process is 1) suspicion, 2) investigation, 3) arrest, 4) charge.

2. Under the Continental system, know as the Inquisitorial System (often loosely referred to as the Napoleonic system) things are quite different:

In Europe the sequence of events is 1) suspicion, 2) arrest, 3) investigation and 4) charge.
In other words the citizen can be arrested and imprisoned without anyone having to produce any evidence against him. There is therefore:
No Habeas Corpus so one can be imprisoned for very long periods (weeks, months, occasionally years) without any evidence being produced against you
No right to Trial by Jury as their system involves judgements being made by a career judiciary who are the judges and prosecutors and who are, to all intents and purposes, ‘colleagues’ (a quite separate body of lawyers makes the defence and are often treated as inferiors)
In most instances the accused can be tried a second time for the same offence, since the prosecution has the right of appeal against acquittal.

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