Strange Happenings Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill – London W11

Ms Sarah Parker
The Old Brewery
North Yorkshire
LS24 9SB

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Dear Sarah Parker,

Thank you for your letter of 20th June 2017.
From your letter you appear to think that my grievance is the result of some sort of bar room banter from just one individual.
Not so.
I will elaborate, but please forgive me if I cover some ground that you may already be aware of.
I am not over sensitive to being called names, I have been called worse things, and no doubt will be again.
Plus, when in a state of anger, I have sometimes used much much stronger language, and insults.
But never I might add, in the Lonsdale.
The point of this situation is that it was perfectly deliberate, cold and contrived. Why ?

On the day in question I was sitting on a brown coloured low easy chair, with my back to the stairs, facing towards Portobello Road, the till more or less in front of me with the fireplace to my front and left.
There were a few people at the bar, with a couple of woman seated 8 or 12 feet to my right, and the young man ‘James’ seated on my immediate left. If I recall correctly ‘James’ and I were resting our drinks on the same small table. So we were seated very close. About 4 – 6 feet apart.
I have known ‘James’ by sight for some years, the women involved are strangers to me but would seem to be locals.
After I sat down in the chair described above, I started to read my newspaper.
Not long after, one of the women seated to my right started to make comments about how someone in the pub had been looking at her young daughter ‘That way’ (Whatever that means !)

This sort of comment was repeated in different ways by her while getting louder. I got the impression that it was meant for my ears, and I think that at one time I may have glanced to my right. I continued reading my newspaper and suddenly there was a loud ‘Bum Boy’ remark from ‘James’ on my left. One of the women said ‘That’s Dan, the other woman said ‘Yes but that’s’ and did not finish her comment.
There was another loud ‘Bum Boy’ remark from ‘James’
During this time I looked up at the bar once or twice and saw the staff member Amanda standing by the till looking on and wearing an expression of embarrassed concern on her face.
It was obvious to me that I had sat down in the middle of a verbal ‘Ambush’ I was being ‘Baited’ So I said nothing, got up out of my seat and left the pub by the exit in front of me leading to Portobello Road, stopping briefly to lean across the bar and drop my newspaper in the rubbish bin.
Nailing ‘Dan’ down to complain about this took a long time, it seems that he has no time to speak to staff or customers for weeks at a time ?

When I did manage to speak with him (Which was still well within the 28 days that all security camera images are retained on your computer hard drive) I told him what has happened.
‘Dan’ said he had told the woman who made remarks about her daughter to stop doing that.
Does this mean that she makes a habit of it ?

‘Dan’ stated that he could not stop youngsters coming into the pub and had tried ink stamping young people who have had their credentials checked for age etc. But could not do anything about drinks being bought for the increased number of under age people now using the Lonsdale due to the gate in the garden being open all the time when the pub was open. This gives direct access from Westbourne Grove without going through the bar. I said this could attract various unpleasant characters as in drug dealers and ‘Pedos’
He seemed to agree with this and said that as far as the latter were concerned he and his staff watched peoples eyes to see where they were looking.
I would have thought that was impossible !
But his explanation did cause me to remember and tell of an incident some months ago when the weather was still cold, I can remember that I was still wearing a very heavy winter coat. I was sitting in the big lounge bar of the Lonsdale one evening and two or three girls one of which certainly looked too young to be in the pub, were repeatedly walking back and forth in front of me from one side of the room on my right to the middle and then back again. This got my attention and my gaze followed. As one of the girls sat down at a table near me to my right, I noticed a youth/young man at the table with a phone in his hand.
Was it a camera phone ? I wonder.
In this area anything is possible.

‘Dan’ also said that he found it hard to believe that ‘James’ had behaved in such a way, and had never seen any aggression in him. I agreed, and suggested that ‘James’ had been put up to it. I drew the comparison between certain groups in Iraq and elsewhere, using the vulnerable to plant or detonate bombs. Here in the UK left wing politics can be just as underhand. I explained that I am very upfront about what I am, but not so my political opposition.
I never take my politics into any pub, but here in Notting Hill, other peoples politics have often been allowed to follow me into the pub, and cause me problems.

My politics are slightly to the right of the Conservative party, and have been since just a few days after the 9/11 attack in the USA in 2001.

In your letter you say that ‘Dan’ said he found it hard to believe that ‘James’ would say such things.
So, does that mean that ‘Dan’ found it easy to think that I would just invent the whole situation ?

‘Dan’ should have taken the centre path, stopped avoiding me, and investigated.

I can’t help wondering if ‘Dan’ knew what I was going to report well before I managed to nail him down and speak with him, and that is why he avoided me for as long as possible.
I wonder who would have told him before he spoke with me ?
However, the incident was reported well before the end of the 28 day period within which all photographic details of the recordings made by your security cameras are held on your computer hard drive.

This whole situation has a very familiar smell about it.
So for the time being, I will continue to give the Lonsdale a miss.

Thank you again for your time.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson

ENC: Previous communication X 3 pages


Mr Sam Smith,
Area Manager – London Region,
The Old Brewery,
High Street,
North Yorkshire,

Monday 5th June 2017

Dear Mr Smith,

I am contacting you in relation to some strange events in the …
Earl of Lonsdale
277-281 Westbourne Grove,
Notting Hill,
W11 2QA

I initially spoke with the Manager ‘Dan’ about this, which did not bring any results, so eventually I contacted your customer services section. Ms Linda Stuart was the person that dealt with my concerns.
Ms Stuart advised me that she had passed the information to you, as you were the Area Manager for the London region.

Some time has now elapsed since I first contacted Ms Stuart on 28th April 2017
But I have still not had any feedback ?
So far, I have chosen not to resume visiting the Earl of Lonsdale until the situation is resolved.
The nature and background to this event means that it is best dealt with by the Management, and not in the bar area of the Earl of Lonsdale, by the people directly involved.
That would be a recipe for trouble.

For your convenience, I have enclosed copies of the email correspondence between myself and
Ms Linda Stuart, to date.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson


Sent … Tue 23/05/2017 14:19

Dear Linda Stuart,

First let me apologize for addressing you as ‘Linda Smith’ instead of ‘Linda Stuart’ in my previous email, copied below.
Given the name of your company, it has to be a Freudian slip.

I contacted you a few weeks ago concerning ‘Strange Happenings’ in the Earl Of Lonsdale in Notting Hill.
Did anyone manage to get this situation sorted out ?
Since this incident I have not frequented the Lonsdale, but have awaited your response.

Please advise.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson


From: Sean Bryson [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2017 3:44 PM
Subject: Strange Happenings – Earl of Lonsdale – Notting Hill – London W11

Dear Linda Smith,

I tried to contact you by phone today but was unsuccessful but thankfully have your email.

My reason for contacting you concerns some odd goings on at the Earl of Lonsdale pub in Notting Hill, London, W11.

About 3 weeks ago, on a day when the Manager ‘Dan’ was off, I was verbally abused in a very humiliating fashion in front of staff.
I was sitting in a low level easy chair ( Now removed ) back to the stairs, and facing towards the bar, and Portobello Road. I was reading my newspaper not paying much attention to my surroundings when a woman about 8 or 10 feet on my right started to make quite loud reference to a man who had been eying her young daughter ‘that way’ Whatever that means. This was repeated a couple of times, and I started to get the impression that it was meant for my ears ?

I was quite shocked as I certainly do not know this woman, or the girl in question. Certainly in recent months, there has been a substantial increase in the number of underage youngsters in the pub due to the door in the garden leading to Westbourne Grove being more or less permanently open. No doubt other people can come and go unnoticed too.

I said nothing about the statements being made but carried on reading my paper, but I was suspicious.

A few minutes later a young man called ‘James’ just 3 or 4 feet to my left called me quite loudly a ‘Bum Boy’
James is a young man of limited intellect, but over the years I have not witnessed any badness in him.
At that remark it became apparent that I was being baited into some sort of verbal fight.
This remark ‘Bum Boy’ was repeated again about 1 or 2 minutes later with equal volume.

During the period the comments from James were being made, I looked up at the bar once or twice and saw the Barmaid ‘Amanda’ Looking on. She was positioned by the till.
Amanda has been working in the Lonsdale on and off for years. Amanda wore an expression on her face that suggested either shock or embarrassment. Perhaps even both.

It was after the second ‘Bum Boy’ comment from James that I finished my drink, and left the pub via the exit leading to Portobello Road. As I did so I stopped briefly to lean across the bar and drop my newspaper into the rubbish bin.

I approached the Manager Dan a few days later to explain what had happened.
Since then he has been very evasive about giving me any feedback or a progress report.

The last time that I contacted Dan for feedback was in the late afternoon / early evening of Monday 24th April 2017.
Dan advised me that he had still not had time to ask Amanda about what she had witnessed, and had not seen James at all. ( I have seen James in the Lonsdale 2 or 3 times since reporting this incident )
I was also advised by Dan that James had gone on Holliday to Ireland with his family for two weeks.

As I left the Lonsdale on Monday 24th April 2017, I was advised by another staff member that Amanda would not be on duty again until the following Wednesday. So I again waited, and then phoned the Lonsdale on Thursday 27th April 2017. I asked to speak to Dan and was told that he would not be available until the next day ( That’s today, Friday 28th April 2017 ) I asked to speak to Amanda, and asked her if Dan had yet questioned her about the incident when James had loudly verbally abused me about 3 weeks ago.
Amanda replied that she can’t remember as far back as 3 weeks ?
I replied OK, and left it at that.

So now I am contacting you.

There are ample video recordings in the Lonsdale to confirm the positioning and movements of the various people mentioned in this email. It would be interesting to see if, after I had left the Lonsdale on that day, that anyone indulged in ‘High Fives’ or the like !
But how long do you keep the videos for ? The incidents noted above occurred about 3 weeks or more ago.

I suppose that it is only fair to point out that it is unlikely that ‘James’ would have behaved in such a way of his own volition. But has most likely been groomed to do someone else’s dirty work for the price of a drink, or to gain approval.

Please advise.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson


From: Linda Stuart []
Sent: 28 April 2017 16:54
To: Sean Bryson
Subject: RE: Strange Happenings – Earl of Lonsdale – Notting Hill – London W11

Good afternoon Mr Bryson
I have just picked up your voice mail and looked at my emails having been out on site all day. The CCTV is kept on hard drive for 28 days, I will forward on your email to Samuel Smith who is our Area Manager for London
I hope something may be resolved

Kind regards

Sean Bryson’s Cancer Treatment

The six people listed below were all sent this information via Special Delivery on Monday 18th July 2016

Mr Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Ms Victoria Borwick, MP For Kensington & Chelsea, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Dr Helen Neilan, Portobello Medical Centre, 14 Codrington Mews, London W11 2EH
Press Officer, British National Party, PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL
Mr Sadiq Khan – Mayor Of London, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA
Dr Alison Falconer, Clinic 8 – Oncology, Charring Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 8RF

Dear Dr Falconer,

On Monday 9th May 2016 my 15:15pm appointment with you was dealt with by your colleague, Ms Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. My previous appointment with you in late March or early April, was also dealt with by Ms Charlotte Kathleen Kelly. At this previous meeting with Ms Kelly in March/April 2016 we discussed my PSA levels and other issues, and the whole meeting with her had a pleasant, friendly, conversational feel about it.

The Clinic 8 test on 9th March, had shown a PSA reading of 5.13 I had another Clinic 8 blood test on 21/03/16 that gave a PSA reading of 4.68 The very next day after the Clinic 8 test on 21/03/16, I paid £100 for a private PSA blood test which gave a reading of 3.91 This would have been on 22/03/16. Ms Kelly asked me why I felt the need to get a private test done.
I stated that we are talking about Cancer, and the treatment is chemical castration as Prostate cancer cells feed on male testosterone to survive.
She seemed to understand my concern.

We then went on to discuss other things which included my bowel problems due to the effects of the painkiller “Tramadol” that I had recently started taking for a shoulder injury, caused by me over doing my ‘Dumbbell’ excersises to help me regain the muscle tissue lost by the testosterone suppression treatment.
Ms Kelly prescribed some “MOVICOL” This worked very well.
Alas, I should have been on that product from the outset. Everything moved, but was unable to move enough.
It got so bad I could not even pee !
I called an ambulance and was taken to Charring Cross Hospital A&E.
Eventually, everything was sorted out.
Looking back it was all quite comical as the whole situation had all the ingredients of a “Carry On” film.
I spent the night of the 4th & 5th April 2016 in Charring Cross Hospital and got my free breakfast.
The nursing staff as ever, were top notch !

The point of telling you about this recent Hospital stay, is this.
While talking to the Doctor I naturally told him of my prostate situation. This Doctor took 5 tubes of blood from me, and later returned to state a couple of times, that all of my bloods were spot on. I got the impression that he was quite surprised at this ? He did not say anything more specific. What was my PSA on that occasion ?

When Clinic 8 takes my blood they take 2 or 3 tubes for testing. As I say, this doctor took 5 tubes, he knew of my prostate situation prior to taking the blood, and later confirmed that all of my bloods were spot on.
As you know, since that date, I have had another MRI scan, and yet another blood test.
What was my PSA on that occasion ?

At the meeting on Monday 9th May 2016, Ms Kelly showed me this scan, and referred to something on it in a very vague and inexact manner, and stated that it was inoperable. To me the image just looked like someone had spilled a can of grey paint and then rolled about in it. It was meaningless to me.

I did try to get clarification from her about what we were looking at, but either she did not know or did not want to commit to a definitive answer about what she was showing me. One bit of grey just looked like any other bit.
She said this combined with my PSA levels showed that the cancer had returned and was therefore incurable.
The only thing that could be done was lifelong hormone medication. In other words, chemical castration.
Later on if this ceased to have any effect, there was always chemotherapy.

I don’t know what has happened in the short period between this visit with Ms Kelly, and the previous one around the end of March 2016. But on this day, Monday 9th May 2016, right from the outset, it was plain she did not like being in the same room as me, and all of my attempts to establish a rapport were constantly parried by her to the point of open contempt, and out and out ill-mannered dismissive rudeness ?

Has the “Marxist” political damage to my life that I have endured for so many years, now found a way to enter into my Cancer treatment programme ?

Perhaps, it is this.
After the recent London Mayoral election result, I highlighted a YouTube video that expressed some concern about this result on my political website. It was outlining the dangers of people with “Universal” values and loyalties, attempting to co-exist with people who have “In-Group” values and loyalties. And I do mean “Attempting”
It applies to any group, with “In-Group” values and loyalties. It really is quite thought provoking, and points out the highly controversial demographic voting statistics that brought Mr Barak Obama to power in the USA.
These statistics are seldom spoken of in polite society. Why not ?
Then of course here in the UK we had the August 2011 riots, a fine example of solidarity based on race, as opposed to solidarity based on a principle. If the demographics and statistics of these two examples had been reversed, you would have heard the left wing Anti Racist – “Anti-White Hatefest” 24/7. So, why the silence of the left now ?

While Ms Kelly was explaining my situation and treatment I had the overwhelming feeling that I was being sold a duff set of goods by a third rate salesman/saleswoman.
What the truth is I do not know, but I am convinced that Ms Kelly did not believe what she was telling me.
And I can assure you that it showed.

All things considered, I am not satisfied as to what the situation is with my Cancer.
I would like a second opinion, another MRI scan with a “clear” explanation of what it shows, another series of blood tests, perhaps even another biopsy, and a far more professional and comprehensive explanation and evaluation of my situation, including future possibilities and options.

Something that I mentioned to Ms Kelly on 9th May 2016 is the new Cancer treatment that has recently been pioneered at St Marys Hospital in Paddington.
There was a deafening lack of reply to my comment from Ms Kelly ?

My initial Prostate Cancer test was done quite some years ago at St Marys Hospital, a biopsy was suggested but I declined. I explained why to my Doctor at that time, Dr John Stride, Portobello Medical Centre, London W11 2EH.
My reasoning was that on the meagre evidence available, a biopsy was too invasive and potentially damaging.
Doctor Stride agreed, and suggested that we just monitor with regular blood tests for the time being.

After that my whole Prostate question got put on the back burner and forgotten about.
Then in May 2012, at Charring Cross Hospital, I was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer and a PSA of 39 !

Should there not have been follow up appointments from the medical authorities after my initial consultation at
St Marys all those years ago ? I thought that this was part of what health professionals were paid to do.

This latest precisely targeted treatment at St Mary’s has a very high degree of accuracy for destroying cancer cells.The Individual cells themselves can be viewed in real time. Coordinates are then entered into a computer, and the cancer cells are subsequently “Zapped” Collateral damage to surrounding tissue is either nil, or almost nil.

“If” my cancer has returned, then it is still at the ultra minuscule stage and would seem to be ideally suited to the sort of treatment now being developed at St Marys Hospital.

Chemical (or Political ?) castration, when the above treatment might be available, seems inappropriate.
Sledge hammers to crack walnuts comes to mind.
From my perspective, whether or not any sort of further treatment is needed at all, is still very open to question.

Thanks to the early retirement option coming my way, I have time to pursue a number of my interests, and I am always on the lookout for new developments concerning Prostate Cancer. In general I am feeling very fit and well with no noticeable Cancer symptoms at all. Thankfully, my metabolism is slowly returning to normal. It has taken a long time. My Testosterone was suppressed for a period of 30 months or more, and as you know, it is quite some time since my hormone treatment ceased.

I sleep the sleep of the good and the just, my appetite is normal, that means either good or better, and for some time now my waterworks have functioned as normal in every way, with my use of Tamsulosin almost at a complete halt.
Physical fitness is slowly returning via my exercises, with my mind being kept occupied by my computer.

This is my latest computer project
You will find the online version of this letter there. Please feel free to leave a comment.

My next appointment with you has been made for Monday 15th August @ 14:00

The prescription for Bicalutamide 50mg, that I collected from the Hospital pharmacy on 9th May 2016 has not been used. The blister packs are still intact in their original box, and this will remain the case until I have better information about my condition. In addition, the two prescriptions for this medication given to me by my GP on 7th June 2016 and again on 08 July 2016 have not been presented to any pharmacy for collection. I still have them at home. So, any future blood tests should give a true reading.

Earlier in this document I referred to “Marxist” political damage to my life.
For clarification just follow this link , many, but not all, of the events are there for interpretation at your leisure. It all stands up by itself and requires no additional explanation from me.
From my previous personal experiences, you will see that it really is only a very small jump, to start to wonder about my Cancer treatment.
(The “PDF” page, provides much additional food for thought. It’s a popular download)

Consider this …………!
In other parts of the world, the people who are quite happy to carry out perfectly legal, state endorsed punishment amputations, have frequently spent many years being trained in and socialised in, western society, Hospitals and Universities. Knowledge and education, are no guarantee of morality, integrity, or anything else.
“From anyone”

My tone in this letter to you may sound rather pushy and demanding, but we are talking about Cancer.
So I can’t afford to take any prisoners.

Naturally, I need to consider all possibilities, and make full use of all tools and options available to me, to safeguard my life, future health, and well-being.

I do not consider any part of what I have stated here to be confidential.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson

You can download the PDF version of the original letter.
Download HERE


Friday 12th August 2016

Dear Dr Falconer,

Thank you for your email of 10th August 2016.
I had expected a reply to my letter of 18th July 2016 before this date.
Given the situation, I thought you would reply to me in writing to address the medical issues that I have raised.
I would still like this prior to any future meeting or further treatment.

Please don’t prevaricate, as I wish to know exactly what is what concerning all of the medical issues that I raised in my letter of 18th July 2016, including being “forgotten about” by the Medical Authorities after my initial prostate examination at St Marys Hospital some years ago.

Although you were not involved in my medical care at the time of my initial examination at St Marys, you are most certainly in a position to speak to St Marys Hospital and find out.

Alternatively, take me off your patient list and inform my GP.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson



T: 0203 311 1740
F: 0203 311 1603

Date: 19 October 2016

Imperial College Healthcare
NHS Trust
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
P: 020 3311 1234

Dear Mr Bryson

I write in reply to your letter of 18th July.

I am sorry for my delay in replying which was exacerbated by my receiving the letter when I returned from leave.
In order to give a comprehensive reply I have grouped your concerns as expressed and have replied to them in turn.


In reply to specific questions your PSA on 4 April 2016 was 4.31 J.Jg/1. This is the last blood test that we have on record here, and your MRI scan was done on 18 April.

9 May 2016 meeting

In this meeting you describe Dr Kelly showing you the MRI scans and explaining the findings. The scan had been reported by a specialist radiologist and the new abnormalities were subtle. I find it difficult sometimes to explain what the differences are when showing scans to patients, and I am
sorry for your and Dr Kelly’s sake that this scan was not particularly clear, because of your previous treatment with radiotherapy.

However what was clearly described were two new and abnormal areas on the left of your prostate. Together with the rise in your PSA these indicated return of the cancer. Surgery to remove the prostate after cancer returns following radiotherapy is generally not recommended for the same
reasons that we did not recommend surgery to you in the first place. The cancer is not all removed and the damage to local tissue, with problems with incontinence and complete absence of erections, mean that it is not of benefit, and so not undertaken. Standard treatment in this situation
is androgen deprivation, and starting at a low dose of bicalutamide was suggested to limit side effects.

I am sorry that you felt that Dr Kelly’s communication with you that day was different from your good experiences with her before. She is a competent and well-liked colleague with experience in oncology, and is a trainee in the specialist clinical oncology programme for London.
I assume that the new treatment you refer to at StMary’s is HiFU. I would not expect a clinical oncology trainee to be fully conversant with this; it is a surgical technique and although other centres have used it in the past for prostate cancer relapse after radiotherapy, it has not been
widely adopted because of poor results and toxicity. In particular the St Mary’s HiFU programme deals with localised prostate cancers previously untreated and so you would not have been eligible even at the time of your diagnosis. This is because the chance of cure for you with HiFU would
have been much lower than with other treatments.

Diagnosis of prostate cancer

You describe having a PSA test, then being assessed at StMary’s and declining the offer of a prostate biopsy after careful consideration. In this situation we would not normally follow a patient up as a clear wish not to have intervention has been expressed. I cannot comment on your
discussion with your GP but you describe that a plan to monitor PSA had been agreed upon between you. You were ultimately referred, I understand by your GP, with a significantly raised PSA of 39 and subsequent biopsy led to your diagnosis.

Political comments

I confess myself somewhat perplexed by your comments on perceived political damage to your life impacting on your medical treatment. I see little point in rebuffing your comments since you express your views so consistently and clearly in your letter and elsewhere. You had a high grade prostate cancer with a chance but not certainty of cure, and we have
discussed this over the years. It is bad luck rather than inadequate treatment which has brought you to this situation and it was Dr Kelly who delivered the news in a way which you seemed to find objectionable.

The future

I have already suggested meeting but you at present have only communicated by letter. It seems to me that a discussion around your future care with me or a colleague would be constructive. I can offer an appointment in my clinic at Charing Cross in the next few weeks. If you wish a second
opinion then I am happy to facilitate it if you let me know whom you would like to see or at which unit you would like review. This would of course need to be within the NHS.

Yours sincerely

Dr Alison Falconer MA MRCP FRCR
Consultant Clinical Oncologist


Dr Alison Falconer,

Clinic 8 – Oncology,
Charring Cross Hospital,
Fulham Palace Road,
W6 8RF

Monday 31st October 2016

Dear Dr Falconer,

Thank you for your recent letter advising me of my options to have my Cancer situation completely reappraised.
I would like this to be carried out at the facility given below.

University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre
Huntley Street
London WC1E 6AG

It should be undertaken by personnel who are as far as possible, not connected with the current team dealing with my medical condition.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Bryson

Dr Helen Neilan
Portobello Medical Centre
Codrington Mews
Notting Hill
W11 2EH

Taming The Gangs – The Sheffield Solution

Taming The Gangs – The Sheffield Solution
Author Unknown

History is exciting narrative and can also guide us with contemporary problems. It does not repeat itself exactly but similarly and study can clarify present disorders. A major problem for decent people living their everyday lives is the take over of our towns and cities by violent gangs that have been allowed here by the authorities. A precedent 1920’s Sheffield, England, was terrorised by gangsters. They lived in cramped back to back houses in courtyards which sociologists use as the excuse. But joining a gang gives power, a sense of importance, of belonging to something, money, possessions, prestige and women offering themselves to you. It gives identity as most gangs are formed on Ethnic lines and based on a territory.

These gangs gambled. Bookies operated outside factory gates with “runners” inside collecting bets for them and one made £75 to around a £100 each day even though it was illegal. Another popular form of gambling was “pitch and Toss.” This was a simple form of betting that required no equipment to pack up and carry away. It was tossing 3 coins into the air with the two forefingers and betting on the proportion of, say, heads that turned up. The biggest and most profitable “Pitching” site was on “Sky Edge” a promontory that gives a panorama over the city and with well-placed lookouts or “Crows” raiding policeman could be spotted from afar.

The head was a “towler” or “toller” because he made a toll of between 2/6d to 4-/- in the pound, on bets placed. They had helpers like “ponter”, “pilners” or “scouts” who were also called “pikers” or “crows” because they kept watch from strategic viewing spots and carried large sticks to prevent trouble. The business itself was a “joint” and the ring a “pitch” and as all these were paid well, alert to police raids. The game began on a cry of “Heads a pound” for the stake and a return of “Tail it” when another matched the stake which was placed in the centre of the ring. Oddly, the toll was only paid by the better and into the Toller’s pocket. Sky Edge used three halfpennies and flung by a tosser. The ponter picked them up and announced the winner. If left, the money doubled with each succeeding toss. If any suspected a miss toss they could shout “barred.”
After the war with munitions work gone a slump set in and the leader of the Sky Edge ring, George Mooney, jettisoned his erstwhile associates from Park district where the pitch was, which caused a war for territory to avenge loss of profit and hurt pride. Bookmaker Sam Garvin formed a gang from Park and a gang war developed. Garvin was a promoter of bare-knuckle boxing matches in pub yards where fighters bound their knuckles with straw that was picked from facial wounds between rounds.

The first attack was Mooney’s mob raiding the home of William Furniss. As a reprisal Frank Kidnew was slashed 100 times near Sky Edge then helped to hospital where he lamented his ruined suit. The Park mob visited Mooney’s home and tried to crash their way in. The Mooney’s defended themselves with guns and one attacker George (Ganner) Wheyall was shot in the shoulder. Police found a double-barrel shotgun, a rifle, revolver and ammunition, which earned Mooney a £10, fine. These vicious tit for tat attacks went on through 1923 with Garvin’s mob gaining domination and Mooney’s disintegrating with members fighting amongst themselves as well as against the Park Gang.

An attack on Mooney’s home on May 18th 1925, led to an elderly spectator being hit on the neck by a brick and several police officers getting medical treatment. The thugs escaped up the labyrinthine passageways at the backs of the courtyards and the only one caught received a £1 fine for the old man and £6 for assaulting a policeman. On Christmas Eve the Park mob stormed Mooney’s home. Sam Garvin and three associates broke in and terrorised not only Mooney but also his wife and six children. One thug enlightened Mooney’s 15 year-old daughter, “We’ve, come to wish your father a merry Christmas.” The terrified man escaped being slashed by hiding in a cupboard upstairs. He left Sheffield for a year. Though they now ruled the roost the Garvin mob kept up the attacks. The following December (1924) they raided former Mooney follower William Furniss’s home firing bullets and throwing bricks through the windows, smashing up the house, and a visiting friend with chair legs.

After the attack on Furniss, exasperated Chief Constable Lieut. Col. Hall-Dalwood, told After a report by the Inspector of Constabulary to the Home Secretary, stating that each year the police finding I harder to uphold the law because they were having extra work put on them, and courts were reluctant to convict and if they did punishments were to light. In an interview with the Sheffield Daily Telegraph on 7th May, Chief Constable Hall-Dalwood bemoaned “The public of Sheffield is paying rats for police protection which under the circumstances it cannot possibly get. In Sheffield we have to admit we are floating on very thin ice indeed and we have to admit that, unless more generally helped by punishment to fit crimes…Sheffield’s police force is utterly inadequate numerically to cope with the wave of crime that must necessarily follow in the wake of the unemployment situation.” He added, “It is the boast of the really bad man that he gets the best run for his money in Sheffield. He would rather be caught in Sheffield than any other part of the country because, he says, you have to produce more evidence for the prosecution in a Sheffield court to get a conviction than in any other town in the country. Moreover, the convicted man in Sheffield is invariably pleasantly surprised by the light character of his sentence. What is happening is that we are making thieves.”

He was contradicted. The Sheffield Telegraph alleged that often the wrong people were convicted. A few weeks later it dismissed the gangs “Although there are a number of gangs in conflict” the danger “has been over-exaggerated in some quarters and there is a noticeable tendency to attribute the slightest breach of the peace to activities of one gang or another.” What did the authorities think? The response of Alderman Alfred Cattell to the warnings of the Sheffield Independent which had compared Sheffield to the violent parts of Ireland, was, “No, I never look at your papers.” J.P. Harold Fisher commented, “We have on the bench some J.P.s who grapple with the cases before them, but older magistrates possess more pluck than the recent additions.” He been personally threatened as he walked through the city, he added. The Sheffield Mail revealed that some members of the Corporation Health Committee were themselves landlords of slum properties.

Councillor Moses Humberstone J.P. “I think they should not be fined or bound over, they should be locked up until we get the whole gang in prison.” Alderman Wardley J.P. Was living in the past, “I recollect 50 years ago, that gangs were in existence in the City that could swallow up the Mooney Gang.”

At a conference of clergymen, the vicar of St.Mathew’s told his audience, ”They are terrorising even the magistrates and other people, and the magistrates hardly dare sentence them to punishment.” There was police corruption and drinking. In January 1930 three constables and nine bookmakers were charged with bribery. It emerge that around twenty officers from the Brightside area had been getting regular payments of small sums to turn a blind eye between 1922 and 1929. There was a break for a year 1925-26, when a plain-clothes officer refused all bribes. Three officers were actually prosecuted, but only one convicted and he was found not guilty. Three bookmakers received fines.

On the 27th the Mail informed the blissfully ignorant, ”The leaders of these gangs and freebooters are men who live on the fat of the land. They are men of good appearance. They possess persuasive personalities and glib tongues. They use every possible art and device to carry on their nefarious business. At one moment they spend money freely as though it were water…the next they are grabbing a glass of beer from a man’s mouth. They are a nuisance and a danger to publicans –they break glasses, assault customers, smash windows, serve themselves beer and don’t pay for it. They work the confidence trick on inoffensive people, row with one another and demand drinks after closing hours. Everyone goes in fear of them and they know it. One of their pet methods of assault is to break a glass on the counter and attack a man’s face with the jagged edges.”

Their main income was the tossing ring and “All kinds of men are employed by the proprietors to deal with various classes of “business”. They have glib-tongued contricksters who can lay a man out as easily as rolling over a nine-pin. One of the principals has himself been a boxer. Others dress flashily, wear heavy gold watch-guards and display their wealth arrogantly. These are not ignorant ruffians. They are men who have calculated quite coolly and calmly the gains to be won by their terrifying outlawry. They are prepared to put up a stiff fight for supremacy. Strong measures will be necessary to beat them down.” Gangsters have families but the boundaries stop with their own – those outside the circle were fair game for bullying and robbing. Innocent people who went out after dark were waylaid. Men were robbed of their wages on their way home from factories; thugs smashed pubs up and demanded protection money; some picked-pockets while others went “Bottling” (mugging). Genuine bookies and their clerks were intimidated by protection rackets and, if they did not pay, would be beaten and robbed, their stands smashed and satchels stolen. Gangsters also took winnings after races were run.

A consequence of gangs thriving was young people looked up to them as heroes and emulated them. “Junior Gangs” were in their late teens and early twenties. They made violent attacks on innocent members of the public and like their role models they carried knives, coshes and razors. A trick learnt from their heroes was for several to walk into a pub and demand free drink and cigarettes, while one outside kept watch. If refused they would smash up the bar by throwing glasses, bottles, stools at the mirror behind the bar, then assaulting landlord and any remaining customers. If the police were notified they would return and do it again. People were too frightened to testify against them but if any did the magistrates were lenient.

In August 1923 four men who had been to a show at Sheffield Empire were attacked by four youths on Leopold Street, one was hit over the head with a bottle. That very evening a young woman was talking to friends when a gang of youths punched her in the face. She would not take any action. A stranger was walking along Cambridge Street and passed a young man who asked if he wanted to buy a ring. When he refused he was punched down then five more appeared. He ran into the Albert Hall. The scam was usually done by a pair preying on innocent people and trying to sell them rings. The accomplice would also start bidding to up the price. If they refused they were “mugged”, for their money and valuables. As today these gangs had girls too. A set up in Wellington Street in September was a girl screaming for help with a gang of youths around her. One appeared to punch her and when a passer-by went to her aid she and the gang jumped him. Taxi drivers were regularly threatened and intimidated and forced to take gangsters home free.

The Sheffield Mail of 21st September commented on it, “The whole proceedings have caused considerable excitement in the city, and a new cry has been raised for the suppression of gangs.” These were young men acting as clerks or shop assistants. “They debauch and gamble and have one or two young girls in their train who are prepared to sacrifice themselves body and soul to the ruffianly crowd who are their masters. Their chief income is derived from picking pockets and selling dud jewellery. A new epidemic appears to have broken out, it will be interesting to see what measures are taken to suppress the disturbances.”

The next evening the 22nd a stranger was attacked on Cambridge Street. A man asked him if he would buy a ring and upon his refusal punched him in the face and as he rose five other men attacked. He got away into the Albert Hall and called the police but no one was arrested.

The scam with dud jewellery was usually gangsters operating in pairs. They would seek out a victim and one approached to sell the ring and when the victim was examining it the other would approach and, pretending interest, offer say two shillings for it. Then pretended he had forgotten his money and this show often conned the mark into buying. If h were not interested he would be “mugged.” Like their role models the juniors carried various weapons including guns.

Lt.Col.Hall-Dalwood told the Mail on 23rd January 1925, “We have broken the rings up. We have made numerous raids and brought the men before the magistrates, and we, as police, can do nothing more. So far as hooliganism is concerned, it must be well known to everybody who reads the papers that we are bringing in men sometimes three or four times a week for these offences. Whenever the law is broken we bring men before the magistrates. We are handicapped by the fact that the prosecutors are sometimes got at and we cannot bring our witnesses, but we do everything in our power.”

Sky Edge ring was safe from police raids because of its being a high promontory and well watched by sentries. But as the Mail explained the magistrates were passing lenient sentences such as the “large batch” the police caught at Tinsley but the highest fine was forty shillings. Straight after the case the offenders hired taxis and went back to gamble. They could rake in up to £40 a day! The Quarter Sessions that week had sentenced members of the Park Brigade to the second division, an easier prison regime than hard labour which was “like sending them to Scarborough.”

The turning point was1925 with the hanging on September the third and fourth, of brothers Wilfred and Lawrence Fowler for the murder of William Plommer. Plommer, a labourer and father of four, was not involved with gangs and had no criminal convictions. There had been a fight the previous evening between Wilfred Fowler and another and Plommer had made them fight man to man. Fowler was a Garvin boy, so next evening Garvin and two others made threats against Plommer. Then they caught a tram to the Wicker and attacked another with razors and a cosh. Meanwhile the Fowlers and others attacked and murdered Plommer. The fatal weapon was thought to be a bayonet. Plommer had manfully but foolishly left his house to fight each of the six one by one. They surrounded him and got him down.

They appealed and this was heard on April the 18th 1926 in the Court of Criminal Appeal in London and was dismissed. Defence lawyer Mr.J.W.Fenoughty obtained statements from people and wrote to the Home Secretary Sir William Joynson Hicks with new evidence on Lawrence Fowler. Then two days later he wrote again requesting the Home Secretary to advise His Majesty King George V to grant a reprieve. The devastating reply arrived on 1st September,

Sir, … I am directed by the Secretary of State to inform you that he has given careful consideration to all the circumstances of the case, and I am to express to you his regret that he has failed to discover any grounds which would justify him in advising His Majesty to interfere with the due course of the law. It was signed by the Under Secretary of State for Home Affairs.

The Daily Mail observed on August 20th, “We may hope that the dismissal by the Court of Criminal Appeal of the application for leave to appeal made by the brothers Fowler, found guilty of the murder of a man in Sheffield in brutal circumstances, will have the effect of striking fear into these gangs and breaking them up. Hicks also wrote to the Sheffield authorities asking them to quell the gang attacks!

On the 1st of May 1925, four days after Plommer was murdered, Hall-Dalwood formed the Special Duty Squad of the four hardest men in the force. Sgt. Robinson, the leader, had served in the Coldstream Guards; P.C.Walter Loxley 6ft 2in, 19 stone 8lb a war-time Royal Garrison Artillery, in France; as had P.C.Herbert Lunn, who won the Military Medal at Bullecourt for rescuing wounded under heavy fire; the fourth was P.C.Jack Farrily, a hard Irishman, experienced in street fighting. Their orders were to harry and beat the gangsters up. They became known locally as the “Flying Squad” and first mentioned in court on September 21st, 1925 in a case over the Junior Park gang. In his evidence Sgt. Robinson said that serious complaints had been made of people being kicked around a fairground by the gang and “That is why we are on special duty breaking up these gangs.”

The first mention of the “Special Duty Squad” was on July 16th. Prosecuting Solicitor, G.H. Banwell told a court Sergeant Robinson and P.C. Lunn were instructed to prevent the gangs gathering in the City. Sergeant Robinson explained,”That is why we are on special duty breaking up these gangs.” Two gangsters were sentenced – one to six months, the other to three.

There had been regular assaults on the police by gangsters but these were hard men who wore plain clothes and were allowed to go in the pubs used by gang members and tell them to leave or beat them up. A brawl at the Red House, Solly Street on 14th September, 1925 gives an insight into the “Squads’” methods. In court, Wheywell’s brief Harry Morris asked P.C.Lunn ”What Wheywell has done to you, you paid back with 4,000 per cent interest?” He replied,”I do not look at it like that. I only did my duty, knowing the man as I do. Then under further questioning, “These men have been ganging together. No licensees in Sheffield want them. They will only serve them through fear. We have had enough of gangs.”

Mr.Barnwell then asked,”Are you one of the Flying Squad?” “Yes”. “And your main duty is that of a sort of disturbance queller?” “Yes, principally.”

Mr.Morris explained that Wheywell had summonsed first and this was in the nature of a test case. There is a system of assaults on these men. But that would be a substitution of an alleged gang terrorism by the police.” The Doctor who had treated Wheywell at the Royal Infirmary said that his patient “had four fairly large bruises, was dazed and looked as if he had been knocked about.”

Under cross-examination Wheywell described “the Squad” as having launched a “cowardly assault.” The landlord gave evidence for Wheywell and said he did not mind them using his pub. He added that he had not called the police but” The Sheffield police have told me I must not serve these men. It is through no complaint of mine.”

The case went to the Sessions where the three “Squad” members were acquitted and Wheywell given three months hard labour! The Recorder warned, “The police must be protected from acts of violence.”

We get insights into how gangs are formed for then as now and even in the middle ages a family is at the nucleus. In a case of 11th July the Recorder asked, ”How do you become a member of these gangs?” Albert Foster replied, ”Well Sir, I have known these men for years, from being a boy. As a matter of fact we have been boys together.”

On the 25th of November two defendants appeared in court after being heavily beaten in custody. One Windle was in facial bandages with blood-stained clothes and scarf. In answer to questioning by Harry Morris the defence solicitor “No, it was through falling.” On another occasion a woman shouted at the police from the gallery, “You’re as bad!”

After six months of the Special Squad Hall-Dalwood had to resign apparently from ill-health but blamed “evil attempts” to undermine him and “insidious influences from outside.” He had had constant conflict with Sheffield Watch Committee to get his force brought up to strength and also to get magistrates to give stronger sentences.

He was replaced by Captain Percy Sillitoe who had served in the South African police. Sillitoe became famous as the “Gang breaker” and went on to tackle Glasgow’s “Razor gangs.” He finished his career as Director-General of MI5. He also visited America to advise J. Edgar Hoover on combating Chicago’s more stylish gangsters.

We need to employ army officers as police chiefs because they have a greater understanding of violent and disorderly people than the academics who are currently raised up because s university graduates they are more open to ideas, or political ideology and more inclined to enforce an orthodoxy rather than keep morality and behaviour within reasonable bounds.

Sillitoe followed where Col. Hall-Dalwood had led and made important innovations like adding P.C. Pat Geraghty who stood 6ft 5in and could pick up five tennis balls in one hand. He had the “squad” trained in Ju Jitso by European champion Harry Hunter. To embolden the magistrates he would appear in court to back his men and take the responsibility for the sentences. His first court appearance was on 28th September. It was over the arrest of a husband and wife for fighting each other. A crowd had gathered and tried to free them. The “Squad” were as bad as the gangsters but with indifferent authorities had to take illegal but drastic measures to restore order to the city.

On modern streets of warfare the “Special squad” would need to be Paras or SAS and openly challenge contemporary gangs and shoot them dead in the streets if need be. One significant difference now is that the young gangs who are shooting each other on our streets are not from our communities but have been brought here. In these cases we should deport the criminals to the countries of their ancestors where they might be socialised as we have failed to do this in our culture which is alien to them.

Edmund Burke remarked that society should be based on human nature.
In his autobiography “Cloak Without a Dagger” captain Sir Percy Sillitoe gave this insight into human nature ….
“There is only one way to deal with the gangster mentality. You must show that you are not afraid. If you stand up to them and they realise you mean business they will knuckle under.
The element of beast in man whether it comes from an unhappy and impoverished back ground, or from his own undisciplined lustful appetites, will respond exactly as a wild beast of the jungle responds –
to nothing but greater force and greater firmness of purpose.”

The Sheffield Gang Wars, by J.P.Bean (D&D) Publications.2004

Cloak Without Dagger, Sir Percy Sillitoe. (Cassell.) 1955

Sir Percy Sillitoe, A.W.Cockerill. (W.H. Allen.) 1975

Neighbours With Noisy Dogs in Notting Hill Kensington & Chelsea – RBK&C

Serious Dog Noise problems in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

We have had an email recently from someone who wishes to remain anonymous for legal reasons, who is suffering the effects of a neighbour who refuses to train their two dogs to stop barking at all hours. Much of this barking is just 10 feet below this persons bedroom window. This barking is frequent but sporadic, so impossible to witness by the Kensington & Chelsea Environmental Health.
This neighbour either refuses to admit that their dogs bark, or asserts that … “Dogs have a right to bark”

Mind blowing, don’t you think ?

These frequent barking episodes occur between 6 or 7 am, and 6 or 7 am the next day. So it is often a case of being woken up late at night, and again early in the morning.

As you are all no doubt aware, even one dog can create a whole lot of noise in just 5 seconds, you can get 10 or 20 loud barks in that space of time.

Have you ever had this problem ?

If you have had or are still having this problem please let us know how you dealt with the situation.
Constantly broken sleep patterns can do a lot of damage to your health and working life.
Please leave your comments about this issue, or contact us directly from our contact page above.

One piece of food for thought found on YouTube is shown here. Any hobbyist or electronics professional, who could develop this cost effective idea, could make a lot of money !!!!!


Tony Blair, Chilcot, And The Murder Of Dr David Kelly

In light of the Chilcot report and the many calls for Tony Blair’s head, Is it not time to reopen the case surrounding the alleged suicide of Dr David Kelly ?
You may remember that Dr Kelly was a WMD expert who clearly stated, repeatedly, that Iraq had no WMD.
Well, he suddenly became very unhappy, and committed suicide.

Copied below are some interesting items from that time, that suggest a very different story.


This Article Was Originally Posted On The Guardian Website Thursday February 12, 2004
(It is no longer there)

Since three of us wrote our letter to the Guardian on January 27, questioning whether Dr Kelly’s death was suicide, we have received professional support for our view from vascular surgeon Martin Birnstingl, pathologist Dr Peter Fletcher, and consultant in public health Dr Andrew Rouse. We all agree that it is highly improbable that the primary cause of Dr Kelly’s death was haemorrhage from transection of a single ulnar artery, as stated by Brian Hutton in his report.

On February 10, Dr Rouse wrote to the BMJ explaining that he and his colleague, Yaser Adi, had spent 100 hours preparing a report, Hutton, Kelly and the Missing Epidemiology. They concluded that “the identified evidence does not support the view that wrist-slash deaths are common (or indeed possible)”. While Professor Chris Milroy, in a letter to the BMJ, responded, “unlikely does not make it impossible”, Dr Rouse replied: “Before most of us will be prepared to accept wristslashing … as a satisfactory and credible explanation for a death, we will also require evidence that such aetiologies are likely; not merely ‘possible’. ”

Our criticism of the Hutton report is that its verdict of “suicide” is an inappropriate finding. To bleed to death from a transected artery goes against classical medical teaching, which is that a transected artery retracts, narrows, clots and stops bleeding within minutes. Even if a person continues to bleed, the body compensates for the loss of blood through vasoconstriction (closing down of non-essential arteries). This allows a partially exsanguinated individual to live for many hours, even days.

Professor Milroy expands on the finding of Dr Nicholas Hunt, the forensic pathologist at the Hutton inquiry – that haemorrhage was the main cause of death (possibly finding it inadequate) – and falls back on the toxicology: “The toxicology showed a significant overdose of co-proxamol. The standard text, Baselt, records deaths with concentrations at 1 mg/l, the concentration found in Kelly.” But Dr Allan, the toxicogist in the case, considered this nowhere near toxic. Each of the two components was a third of what is normally considered a fatal level. Professor Milroy then talks of “ischaemic heart disease”. But Dr Hunt is explicit that Dr Kelly did not suffer a heart attack. Thus, one must assume that no changes attributable to myocardial ischaemia were actually found at autopsy.

We believe the verdict given is in contradiction to medical teaching; is at variance with documented cases of wrist-slash suicides; and does not align itself with the evidence presented at the inquiry. We call for the reopening of the inquest by the coroner, where a jury may be called and evidencetaken on oath.

Andrew Rouse
Public health consultant
Searle Sennett
Specialist in anaesthesiology
David Halpin
Specialist in trauma
Stephen Frost
Specialist in radiology
Dr Peter Fletcher
Specialist in pathology
Martin Birnstingl
Specialist in vascular surgery

There is more information about this case here, it’s a very thought provoking read by someone in a position to know.
Mr Michael Shrimpton QC.

White Lives Matter

The video below was made by a group called “Chuffer Videoz” around 2012

Kelvin McKenzie Fomer Editor of the Sun Newspaper
Quote … “News editors should hang their heads in shame”
Quote … “If your a victim of an ethnic minority, there is nowhere to go”
Quote … “The media gives greater prominence to crimes against ethnics than to white victims”

A very telling short documentary that explains a lot of the questions raised in the first video above.

Bill Whittle
Bill Whittle: Telling it like it really is !

USA Knock Out – Black Man To White People – Arm Yourself
Do NOT take up armed vigilantism !!
This video has been presented here to show that Anti White racism is being covered up and hidden in the USA too.

And this is the News from France, that the French Government tried to hide. WHY !!!

Youth Of France Declare War On Their Own Government

The Endgame – Full White Genocide Documentary

BREXIT ? There’s a lot more to it than just “Immigration”

There is a lot more to BREXIT than immigration alone. The most frightening aspect of the EU is it’s political structure.
Be afraid of the EU. Be VERY afraid.

How our law differs from that of Continental Europe

1. Our Common Law, as far back as 1215 with Magna Carta, states that a citizen can only be judged by his peers (Section 39). These rights protect the individual against arbitrary conviction and imprisonment. Our Common Law recognises several vital rights to the citizen:

The right of Habeas Corpus (that the accused must be taken to a public court within a very short period of time, usually 24 hours, and the accusers must produce their evidence then and there)
The right to Trial by Jury at which jurors can in fact even disregard the law if they think it would give an unjust conviction. The jurors are thus ‘sovereign’
If found innocent, the accused cannot be tried again on the same charge (‘double jeopardy’)
In other words our process is 1) suspicion, 2) investigation, 3) arrest, 4) charge.

2. Under the Continental system, know as the Inquisitorial System (often loosely referred to as the Napoleonic system) things are quite different:

In Europe the sequence of events is 1) suspicion, 2) arrest, 3) investigation and 4) charge.
In other words the citizen can be arrested and imprisoned without anyone having to produce any evidence against him. There is therefore:
No Habeas Corpus so one can be imprisoned for very long periods (weeks, months, occasionally years) without any evidence being produced against you
No right to Trial by Jury as their system involves judgements being made by a career judiciary who are the judges and prosecutors and who are, to all intents and purposes, ‘colleagues’ (a quite separate body of lawyers makes the defence and are often treated as inferiors)
In most instances the accused can be tried a second time for the same offence, since the prosecution has the right of appeal against acquittal.